S&P 500 Stocks To Go In June 2018
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In my recent findings I realized that June would be really tought month for traders. In order to find profitable stocks, firstly I used my quick search method. After finding the right stocks (only a few) I make prediction for one month using 30 minute price data to produce daily scenarios.

Stocks which are omitted in my final decision making process are: DVN $40.58 and TSS $86.12. The forecast for these stocks are as follows:

Later as time permits I would do GOOG, AMZN, FB and some other popular stocks. In the mean time I have four stocks in my portfolio for active management swing trading. As I told my friend quick rich schemes are not easy to find trading stocks.

After every transaction is completely closed, I will reveal my trading results as well as strategies I had used.

Well, somebody says FB is on its way to a new high, we'll see in a minute.

I must warn those of you who think FB is a good buy in June. Yes, there are two point when you can buy and hold it for a few days and make profit, or at least you need to hold it for some more time and make only one trade. But, it is not a rocket, it will not fly high in June, telling you as an amatur rocket scientist.
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