My FOREX Wars 2017 (Part Two)
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Despite as I call it - unfair competition resulted from inability of world banks to make money by simple & sound financial decisions, i.e. the main cause of market uncertainty, I trusted my own view on the market.

I had a feeling that there is a coup among the banks to keep the public from profiting. It is ridiculous to hear one bank announcing completely wrong view on the market, and simultaneously another bank making the opposite announcement. It is more like in a combat, when you can't foresee what is coming next due to fire and smoke. Poor investors souls! 

So, despite all of negatively influencing factors my FX trading EUR/USD currency pair was quite profitable, as I manage to timely benefit from market opportunity being forecasted a month ago. It is confirmed by July's EUR/$ pattern. So I decided to make a move.

As you can see the scenario found support in the market only from 19th of June. Before that was turmoil.

As a result, a single trade returned 85 pips during one market session. Here it is.

The day green light was confirmed by an intraday 45 minute trading scenario as well.

And the total for one month of cautious and returned oriented trading is 13% and 20.91% on more aggressive strategy (currency futures).

Moreover I had the same scenario for July. And it is very interesting to see how the market situation would evolve into the next level of high volatility, and for sure more deception will follow. And in the meantime I am planning when to trade risk free, almost risk free.

Timing is a perfect tool that makes good trading.
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