Vive La France, Vive La Markets!
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Who Will Become The Next President Of France?

Actually, why do we need to care about? Didn't you see all that faulty news came to curb you to a 20 pips narrow range. Didn't you decide to wait until it is over and missed all of your good profits?

In trading we rely upon our quant trading system, which provides us with definite trading staretegy for any instrument in any market in any particular moment of time we are interested in.

Let's check it out!

We were bullish on Euro and kept it until yesterday. This was our strategy, this time the market was very straitforward and thats made our strategy as easy as one can only imagine. Yes, that was buy low, sell hi as a matter of fact.

EUR/USD D1 Market Strategy

We are out of it now as we do not expect any good and risk free opportunities in a week or so. Lets trade it in May and go away? We don't know it yet, we will check it in about a week.

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