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The Future of Fund Advisors
Article  |  Thu - October 27, 2016 7:27 pm  |  Article Hits:1241  |  A+ | a-

Why Warren Buffett failed to get ahead of S&P 500

Evil tongues may say about the great investor that he has finally missed, but let's not be quick with conclusions. The situation is not that simple.

Mr. Buffett's approach is very good and is the simplest and most reliable way to make a lot of money: buy stocks considered to be more expensive in the future now. In other words, buy bottoms and sell tops. He likes to find stocks outside the S&P 500 index. But one reason what really happened could be that the index had more buyers and the remaining shares might have been “forgotten”. S&P 500 Index is the main benchmark of profitability, and it is included in portfolios all around the world. In full or in part index components also included in ETFs.

Note, however, that it could not be just because of the excessive demand in the index. In my opinion, the fundamental approach developed in the last century, began to show its ineffectiveness in today’s speculative markets. The markets are traded at their tops of the historical values. Many investors could not believe their eyes, while watching the index continues to steadily climb up. Many have decided that it's time for the long-awaited correction to come.

The real reason is that markets are changing at the rate the people can’t manage to adopt.

Many funds are showing negative performance for several months in a row, and this happens not only with the big funds. The funds in Europe are also affected. European markets are thinner. Emerging markets are more like a deadly trap. Some already lost 60%.

What to expect?

As fund statistics showed less fund launches in 2015 compared to 2014, expect more closures in 2016. The Perry Capital is just one example of the fund leaving the landscape.

Is the market preparing for something more worst or finally taking the full control of itself?

This is the question which is likely to be answered in 2017. But without changing the strategy, without adopting new methods, managers are destined to lose the game to the market, i.e. S&P 500.
Here is an example of how new methods allow to control risks and make money. BTW, it uses the same good old approach under the hood - “Buy Bottoms, Sell Highs” Check it out!

It’s a High Tech Era anyway, adopt or … lose!    

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