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Market Prediction Process Workflow
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Market Prediction Process Workflow

  1. Daily scan of blue chips stocks, ETFs using specially selected parameters like volume and price change, etc. to reveal potential LONG or SHORT opportunities. FX and commodity selection process is slightly different and begins right at step Two.
  2. After selecting few preliminary candidates they are scanned for good trading patterns.
  3. Then trading patterns plotted on a time axis and it allows producing predicted price curves for the selected instruments.
  4. After trading patterns are validated and examined for usability, I prepare trading strategy for one-two periods for a day, week or the whole month. The only criteria are clear pattern with high potential. High potential not only means higher rewards, but also means lesser potential trading risks.  Usually good timing is enough to make a profitable trade, but sometimes market offers several entry points and trader needs to think about capital allocation.
  5. Practically only one-two candidates are selected for each trading day, as portfolios are less efficient in short terms. But in case of massive prediction of huge portfolios or large stock selections it is possible to prepare a trading "map" for a week or a month as exact trading timing when to buy or sell is available to trader.

Traders receive market predictions before market opens and have time to adjust their views on selected stocks, examine charts in more detail and prepare to trade particular patterns during the trading day or rebalance their portfolios to get rid of weak positions to maximize portfolio returns in future.

Nothing is unique in this approach, but this decision making process reveals understandable logic behind any market forecast I make.

Example 1  Portfolio trading using a list of 250 US stocks, only 24 of which were selected for trading.

True good trading opportunities are rare, so careful planning and waiting for the right pattern or moment is more important in day trading.

You can look at the examples below to find out what I call good trading opportunity.

Example 2. AMZN shares rocketed portfolio to a new high.
Maybe this is not the best example I have, but it has characteristics of good signal and strategy.

Also market can be full of surprises and even simple strategy can bring unexpected returns.

Example 3. Ordinary Google trade, but trading was unexpectedly halted for a few hours by the stock exchange. 

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