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Will Upcoming Visit of Secretary of State John Kerry To Russia Bring Stability To Oil Prices
Energy  |  Tue - July 12, 2016 2:43 pm  |  Article Hits:817  |  A+ | a-

Politics Affecting Oil Prices

Well, taking into account that oil is a trade tool, we belive that initiatives he is going to present to Russia are not favourable. Oil will not be stable, as comparing our prediction chart with the current market chart, unless the Russian Government accepts it. 

Will his visit have immediate impact on the Brent oil price? The answer is "No".

For your information he is expected to come to Moscow on 14th of July. But the Brent price will go down on the 15th. this is the logic. Some more time after that it will be with no direction.

So, lets wait and see what will happen to the oil price. What is on their minds? 20-30-40? Cheaper than water?
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