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Equity Investment Management: How to Select Stocks and Markets
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Equity-oriented, it explains how to analyze stocks and markets and construct a portfolio. Outlines complex theories in a simple and intuitive manner. Statistical and mathematical concepts are discussed in an accessible way. Contains the latest information on UK and US empirical studies.

Stephen Lofthouse's career spanned both the academic and commercial investment worlds. He is a former Director of James Capel stockbrokers, now part of HSBC group, and Executive Chairman of James Capel FundManagers Ltd and James Capel Unit Trust Management Ltd.

Part 1: Introduction and Basic Financial Theory
1. Introduction
2. Risk, Return and Diversification
3. The Capital Asset Pricing Model
4. The Nearly Efficient Market
5. How Analysts Analyse and How Managers Manage

Part 2: Stock and Sector Selection
6 Assessing Investment Systems
7 Earnings-Based Share Selection
8 Dividend Discount Models
9 Price-Earnings Ratio Models
10 Low PER and Low PSR Stocks
11 Low Price and Small Stocks
12 Dividend Matters
13 Book-to-Market and Other Accounting Ratios
14 Creative Accounting and Bankruptcy
15 Neglected and New Stocks
16 Following Recommendations
17 Calendar Effects
18 Technical Analysis and Contrary Opinion
19 Arbitrage Pricing Theory
20 Sector Strategy
21 Constructing a Share Portfolio

Part 3: Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation
22. Setting Strategic Weights
23. Tactical Asset Allocation: Background
24. Forecasting The Economy
25. Business Cycle Anticipation and Scenario Forecasting
26. Price-Earnings Ratio Valuation Measures
27. Yield and Dividend Valuation Measures
28. Liquidity and Technical Titbits
29. International Tactical Asset Allocation
30. Combining Tactical Asset Allocation Tools

Part 4: Aspects of International Asset Allocation
31. Selecting Japanese Stocks
32. The Japanese Market Level
33. Emerging Markets

Part 5: Winning.

Part 6: Passive Investment Management.

Written for investors and students taking investment exams, this text describes how to analyze stocks and markets, and how to construct a portfolio. Statistical and mathematical information is discussed in a straightforward manner which should be accessible to non-mathematicians.

Published byJohn Wiley & Sons(1994)
ISBN 10: 0471941700 ISBN 13: 9780471941705
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