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Chinese New Year Dos and Don’ts 新年宜忌
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  •     Spring clean your house before the New Year arrives 农历新年前宜大扫除
    To chase away all the bad fortune 驱走霉运,带来好运气
  •     Buy new clothes and have a haircut 买新衣服、修剪头发
    To welcome the New Year with a fresh image and avert misfortune 以崭新的姿态迎接新的挑战,精神气爽,为你抵挡一切
  •     Stay up late on New Year’s Eve 除夕夜守岁
    To wish for longevity for your parents 年长者守岁表示珍爱光阴;年轻人守岁为父母益寿延年
  •     Greet everyone with a smile and utter auspicious sayings 笑脸迎人,多说吉祥话
    To usher in good luck and a smooth-sailing year 以迎接大吉大利、平安顺遂的一年
  •     Prepare even-numbered mandarin oranges for New Year visits 准备好双数数量的橘子去拜年
    To convey good wishes to your friends and relatives 寓意好事成双,传达你真挚的祝福
  •     Repay all your debts before the New Year arrives 农历新年前还清你的债务
    To avoid affecting your wealth luck in the New Year 以让你在新的一年里,不受债务缠身,才能财源广进

  •     Sweep the floor or throw rubbish on the 1st day of the New Year 大年初一扫地或倒垃圾
    To avoid sending your wealth luck away 以免扫掉了你的财气和福气
  •     Use sharp objects on the 1st day of the New Year 大年初一使用尖锐的物品
    To ensure harmony and happiness in the family 以免破坏了家庭和谐
  •     Wash your hair on the 1st day of the New Year 大年初一洗头
    To prevent washing your good fortune away 以免洗去了你的好运气
  •     Break any plates or bowls 打破碗碟
    Utter auspicious sayings if breakage happens accidentally 以免破财破运,若不小心,请说“岁岁平安”来破解霉运
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