A day in life of a commodity trader
Tuesday - March 27, 2018 1:44 pm     Article Hits:283     A+ | a-
There are people who think that oil price would go up, there are people who think that oil price would go down.
I use these contradictions for profit. I don't think, because I know when to trade.
Fisrt step is to identify market opportunity.
The second step is to watch for market "climate", find confirmation pattern.
The third step is to execute trade.
This is as simple as that. However, the real opportunites are rare, you should be capable of separating market noise from market moves.

The scenario is hidden, no chart. This is the initial trade.


Take profit orders. The price level for reversal was known, some $0.5 dollar was sacrificed in order to have the deal for sure.

News that counts.

My position's intermediary state. Everything is OK with it.

Sell orders.

How it looked like when I closed the trade.

What happened after that:

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