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A story of my client portfolio - pitfalls to avoid in 2020
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This is the true story of the client's #ETFportfolio managed by a financial firm in Europe. COVID-xx has strong impact on the performance of the underlying, forcing us to prepare to take timely actions as the financial world climate is changing and some caution is required. Read more below the video.

In this video I am providing an insight into the nearest future of #S&P500 index in 2020 and related passively managed portfolio many of you might have.

In addition to that I am showing which strategies now are capable of producing above average returns and that you can use them for your benefits. You can order S&P500 #pricemaps (a #tradingstrategy focusing on time, volume and pattern rather on pure price directly on my website in member section, simple registration required, or any other strategy or portfolio performance forecast at request. In case you require additional information, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or skype.

The client portfolio consist of the following exchange traded funds by famous firms: #JPMorgan #Fidelity and #BlackRock

Current portfolio components include:
JPM Europe Dynamic Technologies EUR
JPMorgan India
Invesco Global Small Cap Equity
First State China Growth
Fidelity Global Technology USD
Fidelity Thailand
US Momentum (BlackRock US Flexible Equity)
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